GESAM National Secretariat



This is the annual gathering of all members of GESAM. This program normally comes off at the end of the year and it’s in two phases. Congress is the highest decision making body of the ministry where campuses sends delegates to represent their respective campuses to make decisions to help build the ministry. Conference continues immediately after congress, it involves all members of the ministry from their respective campuses coming together to study and also to network.


This is a special program designed for the senior high school and Junior High School students to help them in making the right decisions for their career and identifying their personality traits.


The Senior High School Excellence Seminar is a special programme designed to expose continuing students to better skills of learning and studying, time management, combining academic work with extra circular activities. The seminar is a programme that brings together students from various Senior High Schools.


In carrying out the last command of our Lord Jesus Christ, every year about 500 students embark on evangelism in different parts of the country. Currently GESAM is the only active and consistent tool when it comes to evangelism in the Global Evangelical Church. We spend an average of about GHC 50,000 annually in soul wining and church planting. Students raise over 85% of their budget. This effort always yields in church planting.


As part of efforts to develop and build human resource of our students, special leadership seminar is organized for leaders from various campuses.