GESAM National Secretariat

Who We Are


GESAM which is an abbreviation for Global Evangelical Student and Associate Ministry is the campus ministry of our mother church the Global Evangelical Church. This ministry is spread all over the country in both secondary and tertiary institutions.

We are one big family the you would love to be a part of. We are mostly supported by the alumni in the successful running of the ministry’s activities. A child can never neglect the hands the feeds him, that is why we great parents that support us in all manner of ways just for success of the work of God.

Global Evangelical Students & Associates’ Ministry (GESAM) celebrates the Lord of Host for His abundant grace, mercy and goodness for all that He has done over the past years.

It all started during the 1980’s, when the rate at which student members of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church getting attracted to other denominations on the university campuses became alarming.

Most of these students even on completion of school were not returning to their respective mother churches. Instead, they were getting affiliated to the mother churches of the campus ministries they worshipped with during their school days.

This drew the attention of some concerned members of the church, who were lecturers on the university campus, especially KNUST.

Among them were Prof. (Mrs.) V. P. Dzogbefia, Prof. S. K. Agodzo, Prof. I. K. Dzokoto, Dr. V. K. A. Kpodo, Mr. O. K. Atubra and Rt. Rev. Dr. Edem Tettey. They noticed this drift was going to pose serious threat to the future of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, thus, they mobilized some students and teaching assistants on campus at that time to start an association that came to be as Evangelical Presbyterian Students and Associates Ministry (EPSAM).

The congregations in Kumasi notably; Amakom, Ayigya and Anloga got involved and therefore encouraged and supported this movement. In the second semester of the 1989/90 academic year, EPSAM organized her maiden Sunday service in one of the classrooms at the Technology Secondary School, KNUST. The preacher for the day was Dr. V. K. A. Kpodo. In attendance were some other concerned lecturers who started it all.

This initiative at KNUST promoted the growth and expansion of the campus ministry, EPSAM to a national ministry in several tertiary institutions including; Teacher Training Colleges, Polytechnics and some Nurses Training Colleges.

As it is normal in every human institution, the new ministry began to face challenges in diverse ways.

The most seemingly dreadful one led to the split of the ministry into EPSAM (Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana and Associates’ Ministry) and EPSU (Evangelical Presbyterian Church Students’ Union), after the split of the mother church in 1991. It left the ministry in a limbo as the leaders had to choose which of the churches to align with. In the face of these challenges they decided not to align with either of the churches hence gaining a non-alignment status.

This action by the students caused the patrons and the churches to withdraw their support for the newly formed campus ministry. It was in the light of these that one faction within the ministry decided to align with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church giving birth to a new ministry called the Evangelical Presbyterian Students Union (EPSU).

This necessitated an alignment for the other faction which later aligned with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana still with the name EPSAM. The new EPSAM was independent of the original EPSAM, which originally combined all the Evangelical Presbyterian Students on Campus. Most people believed that the mother churches could unite in the near future hence the two separate groups still met together on Sundays for service with each having their unit weekly and special programs.

In the year 2003, a court order necessitated a change of name of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Ghana to its new name Global Evangelical Church to clearly distinguish the two churches as very separate. This action thus defeated the idea of uniting the two churches. The campus ministry EPSAM had to change its name to GESAM (Global Evangelical Students and Associates’ Ministry). In spite of this,GESAM and EPSU continued to have Sunday services together until 2006 when autonomy was granted to the two campus ministries to exist as separate groups, each having a representation on the Student Chaplaincy Council (SCC) of KNUST.

In the light of this regard, the commencement of the 2006/07 saw GESAM and EPSU having their separate meetings. GESAM over the years has been experiencing the extravagant grace of God in all spheres of her being. Great things He has done and greater things He will do.