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We Welcome You To Our Official Website.

We Welcome You To Our Official Website.

Welcome Message

We are the student body of the Global Evangelical Church. We are spread throughout the tertiary and second cycle institutions in Ghana and beyond. GESAM has raised a lot of God fearing leaders for the church and the nation as a whole.

Through our spirit-filled programmes, our students have been equipped to be spiritually mature and physically responsible. Our students are also trained in entrepreneural skills, family and social life.

Augustine S.K Dumashie
Headmaster, MAKSEC

History Of GESAM

Did you know that GESAM started as EPSU, then EPSAM and now GESAM?Did you know that the first GESAM church service was held on 19th nov 2009 at Old Tech Sec, KNUST? 

Congress Conference

Congress Conference is an annual gathering of the whole family of GESAM to take critical decisions that affect the whole family. It is a place where we learn and socialise.


We seek to support brillant but needy students with this fund. GESu Fund scholarship list of successful applicants for 2018 is out now. Kindly Visit the Gesu Fund page


Arise & Build With Commitment (Nehemiah 2:17)

Anyone who has heard this motto has probably excited and eager to rise up on his feet and proclaim it aloud whenever “GESAM” was mentioned. The question however is : have we ever sat down to ponder over this powerful statement and what it means to us, as a church or as individuals? What does it really mean to “arise” or to “build” and to add to it, “with commitment?” Now, let us enter into a math class aand do some analysis.


Isaiah 60:1. If you are not familiar with this scripture, then let me expose you to it. It says, “Arise, shine, your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee”.

If we are to arise, it doesn’t just mean standing up from your seat. It goes beyond that. It means being awaken from that comfort zone to the reality of life.


for those of us who have never asked of the price of a bag of cement or any building material, we would probably not understand what it takes to build. In 1 Kings Chapter 5, we see that king Solomon sets out to build the temple which King David could not build because of the many battles he fought.

King Solomon diligently obeys the instructions given to him and built the most beautiful temple for the Lord! Now, how do YOU build this great church of ours? Mark 16:15, by eavngelism; which happens to be one of the core values on which the church was formed.


As “Gesamites”, we are admonished to be committed to prayer, the study of the WORD, spreading the gospel wherever we find ourselves. Do not wait for “SICE” to spread the gospel, speak to the world, to your classmates, your roommates, your friends, in a bus, in a taxi, take a walk, meet someone, spread the WORD!

This is the commitment we need to build this church and to build the Kingdom of GOD in us.

Global Evangelical Students' and Associates' Ministry Conference 2021


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